Friday, 6 January 2012

GoDaddy Stopped Supporting SOPA


An online boycott that started last week on reddit proved successfull and spred across the Internet. Thanks to it, domain registrar GoDaddy had taken a decision to drop its support for SOPA, according to media reports.

The press announced that GoDaddy was no longer supporting SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), which is currently working its way through the American Congress. Since addressing digital piracy is the most important issue, GoDaddy has been working to help craft revisions to the proposed law, but decided that it can clearly do better. The newly appointed CEO of GoDaddy claimed that it’s very important to make all online stakeholders working together on this. If they get it right, it would worth the wait. The service will support it when and if the online community supports it, according to the announcement the company made in press.

After the boycott took life last Thursday, GoDaddy’s competitors had begun providing special deals with promo codes, such as “SopaSuck”, in order to lure GoDaddy switchers. That’s when GoDaddy claimed that the servie has received some emails looking to stem from the boycott prompt, but they hadn’t seen any impact to the business. But considering the fact that the customers of the service weren’t pleased much with such response, the impact on the service’s business appeared to be considerable.

According to the company’s claims during the negotiations over the proposed legislation, GoDaddy tried to express the concerns of the entire online community and to improve the legislation by pushing to make the law’s provisions not so aggressive. Nevertheless, the company reconsidered the entire situation and announced that in changing its position, the service remains steadfast in its promise to support security and stability of the web.


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