Friday, 6 January 2012

Online War With China


It seems that World War III has been playing out with China taking on everyone. The latest company that had been attacked is iBahn, providing broadband business and entertainment access to Marriott International and other hotel chains, as well as multinational organizations holding meetings on site.

This company was made a target for Chinese intruders who have managed to break into the service in order to try and see all private e-mails, even those that have been encrypted, ranging between executives from Dubai to New York.

Business Week has published an extensive report into Chinese intrusion recording that 760 organizations, research universities, ISPs and government agencies have suffered from the same elite group of Chinese hackers. Organizations have included RIM and Boston Scientific to some of the largest companies, to niche innovators in such areas as semiconductors, aerospace, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Of course, the United States couldn’t be very happy about this.

A chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
Representative Mike Rogers, a Michigan Republican, who was believed to have quite a tricky job, complained that the Chinese intruders had been nicking everything that wasn’t bolted down, and such behavior was getting exponentially worse. For example, according to the last month’s intelligence report, the Chinese had conducted industrial espionage as an integral part of their economic policy.

While the American cyber warriors track down the foreign governments and foreign military, the Chinese hackers focus on corporates, and the politicians of the United States don't believe it is fair. Anyway, the Land of the Free seems to be a corporate oligarchy pretending to be Republican. The report made by fourteen American intelligence agencies indicated China as the #1 hacking threat to the companies of the United States. The problem is that the United States is not really able to counter attack against Chinese businesses since they simply do not have anything it needs. In case they get too angry, Chinese might simply stop exporting to the United States for a few weeks to cause collapse of its economy.

The situation is not just controversial, it looks like an alarming one already…


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