Thursday, 12 January 2012

Facebook Timeline Enabled in Android and iOS Updated Application. iPad to Get It in Mid January.


Facebook timeline for mobile
Facebook timeline for mobile
The latest innovative idea put forward by Facebook is the Facebook Timeline. This latest profile layout metamorphoses your account to online scrapbook. Here you can show up the precious moments of your life easily with more grace and when needed, you can also recur your earlier Facebook activities. The role of mobiles is obvious and to be treated with respect.
A big part of users usually access internet through mobile phone these days. This has facilitated the frequent visits to Facebook from anywhere at any time. So any new feature must be compatible and also comfortable to the mobile phones.
Soon after the launch of this timeline profile feature, the Facebook team has informed the release of the same for Android & iOS mobiles. Since the screen is smaller there is a single column in timeline rather than two as on a normal system. Even then this compromise never negatively alters the looks and the same pleasing view is reciprocated from the mobiles too. Now you can see your friend’s profile as their history and this experience is really exciting. The images feature more in this new provision from Facebook. These photos and the other posts can be swiped horizontally. Thus viewing multiple posts or photos can be done quickly and with more ease. Swiping can also be done to navigate towards your photos, maps, subscribers and many more. Apart from maps, subscribers and photo albums users can also know the apps which are used by them on their Smartphone. Exploitation of the opportunities is the success factor of the successful ones. With this latest release, along with a high visual experience Facebook has focused its eye on the ever blooming field of mobile market.
Mobile timeline is now available on touch devices using, and Facebook for Android (version 1.8.1) along with Facebook for iOS version 4.1, for iPhone and iPod Touch devices.
Download Android and Apple iOS Application Updated for Facebook Timeline.
Download Android Facebook Application here – [LINK]
Download iOS Facebook Application here – [LINK]
Facebook Timeline for iPad.
Facebook is aiming to make Timeline 100% compatible with iPad by the Mid or Late of January 2012. The delay in the availability is the cause of last-minute bugs. Users can always browse the new Timeline interface on on their iPad devices, however, the web version doesn’t work 100% with the iPad browser, particularly when it comes to adding customizations.
The Facebook timeline is surely an interesting means to experience the social media site and also an immense way to view past activities. With Business, Friendship and Nostalgia breathing alive Facebook will try out new innovations.


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